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Inclement Weather Procedures

Inclement weather is mainly called when we have unsafe weather due to lightening
When a decision is made by the administrator of the school to call inclement weather, this decision remains in effect and will not be changed.
A mass text and/or email will be sent to parents/guardians to notify you that inclement weather is in effect.
  • School remains in session until the normal release time (2:15 or 1:05 on Thursday).
  • Bus riders will be dismissed through our Kindergarten loop     
         *cars will not be allowed into the Kindergarten loop until ALL busses have exited the loop
  • All students will be picked up in designated car loops (siblings will be grouped by the highest grade level student).
  • Do not get out of your vehicle while in the car loops
  • You are welcome to pick-up students from the front office should you deem it necessary during the delayed dismissal
  • This card will be used
      • Have card visible to staff loop
      • Stay in vehicle and wait patiently
      • Student will be brought to you
  • Remaining students will be brought to office
If there are no staff members in the car loops, this means it is still unsafe to be outside and as soon as we get the all clear we will resume dismissal.
If you are not receiving text/email messages, please reach out to the school.
Minimal calls to office during this busy time.